Thursday, February 8, 2018

Mentor Application (Due by March 15th)

Contact me via email:
Or on Twitter:  @HandUnPen

Mentor Application for The H.U.P. Mentor Program

Notes:  If you have a CV, please send it.  

Mentors and mentees will be in contact twice a week (minimum) when the term starts. The dates for the program are August 1st to September 30th.  This is a volunteer program.  Anyone in the world can take part.

All mentors will have their photograph and information put up on the blog so potential mentees can read about them.  If you're selected as a mentor, you will be sent a preview to okay before your entry is up.

Please send attachments as a PDF file, if possible.



Email address:

Website/social media:

Highest level of education completed:

Publication credits:

Are you a member of a writing organisation or group?

Do you work as an editor, sensitivity reader, etc.?  If so, do you have testimonials?

Do you have experience as a teacher or mentor?  If so, tell us about it.

What is your disability and/or neurodivergence?  (Share as much as you're comfortable with.) Is it okay to share this publicly?

If you have a specific connection to another community or marginalization, what is it?  (Are you nonwhite, part of the QUILTBAG umbrella, not Christian, etc?) You do NOT have to answer.  If you belong to a community, but aren't out publicly, say "no".

Which types of writing do you work best in?  Poetry, journalism, memoir, flash fiction, novels, something else?  Pick two at most.

Do you work in a specific genre (speculative poetry, romance novels, travel writing, etc.)?

Which aspects of writing or publishing do you feel you can guide someone in?  Writing query letters, pitching periodicals, novel development, submitting to literary magazines, editing essays, putting a poetry chapbook together, or what?

What are your preferred methods of correspondence?  Email? Skype? Facebook? Phone calls?

Why do you want to be a mentor in this program?

Do you need any content warnings on the writing samples or projects potential mentees submit?  Just yes or no.
(If so, and you're picked as a mentor, you and I will figure out how to best address it.)

Is there anything else you want us (or possible mentees) to know?

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