The Handy, Uncapped Pen is a blog/community for disabled and/or neurodivergent writers.  There just aren't that many welcoming spaces for writers with our sorts of differences.
The content will include:  Interviews, trials and tribulations where disabled/neurodivergent and the literary community meet, resources, etc,
So, who's running this thing?

Uh, that would be me, Jennifer Ruth Jackson.  I hope it won't be just me in the future so I use "we".  

Who can participate?  

Well, the short answer is:  Anyone.  The space is public. 
However, those running the blog and (possible) future projects or those interviewed or writing guest posts should be disabled and/or neurodivergent.
Beginning May 2017, we will be paying $3 per guest post or book review (via Paypal only).  

What if I want to help or be interviewed or guest post?
Please click on the Contact/Submit tab for information.

You said possible future projects... what are those?

If all our dreams come true, The H.U.P. will also branch off into forums and an online conference offered free of charge.  We will also host virtual gatherings and peer critiques.  We dream big, though expect little.

I have trouble with your blog being accessible to my specific disability or difference.

We are sorry if our blog is difficult to see, navigate, or understand.  Please contact us with the issue and we'll try to fix it.

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

We only have a Twitter account.  @HandUnPen

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