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Guidelines for Guest Posts

Note:  We can publish guest posts under anonymity/pseudonyms.  We understand some people being afraid to write about something as personal as disability.  The world isn't always kind, lovelies, but we want you as comfortable as possible.  Please indicate your desire clearly when you submit.

1.  You must be disabled and/or neurodivergent in some way.  We're working on the honor system here, as no one likes a lengthy round of questions about their "Crip Cred".  But it would be nice to know.

2.  Posts must tie into writing or literature and disability and/or neurodivergence.  It must have both components.

3.  Blog posts shouldn't exceed 2,000 words.  (There are exceptions, though few.)

4.  Posts should be sent in the body of the email with double-spacing between paragraphs.  If a post needs an odd format, email us first to explain the issue before sending an attachment.  Unknown attachments will be deleted.

5.  Please include your name, email, and social media or website links.

Note:  In May of 2017, we will be paying $3 per blog post or book review.  Payment will be made via Paypal only.  Interviewees will not be paid.

We accept reprints, though won't pay for them.
Interview requests

If you're a disabled and/or neurodivergent writer, we may want to interview you!
If you think you'd like to be interviewed, send us a message with the following:

1.  Your name and contact information
2.  Social media and/or blog links
3.  A few of your better publication credits or examples of your work either online (as a link) or in email.
4.  Why you want the interview and believe yourself a good fit for our blog.
Becoming part of the H.U.P. Team

Email us to talk about it.

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