Email address for interview requests: interviews[dot]handyuncappedpen@gmail[dot]com 
Email address for everything else:

Submissions are considered from disabled and/or neurodivergent creatives only.  All nonfiction submissions must have a connection to disability and/or neurodivergence (some exceptions may apply) with a thread of creativity.  

Please send every text submission in the body of an email unless formatting prohibits this.  If you absolutely need to send a file, doc and docx are acceptable for writing files.  Visual art should be in JPEG format and performance art should be submitted as links to the videos.

In the subject line, please indicate what you're sending us (poetry, fiction, singing video, etc.).

Please include a print-ready biography with your submission. Cover letters are nice, but they aren't necessary.

If we accept your work, we'll ask you for a photograph or visual art piece representing you.  This isn't mandatory.

You can use pseudonyms or be published anonymously.

Note:  We are not a space for accessible housing discussion, service animal articles, or anything like that unless you can connect it to an art form.

We have two reading periods a year:  February 1st through April 30th and August 1st through October 31st

What we want:

Poetry:  Please submit up to three poems.

Fiction:  Send two flash pieces or one short story with double spacing between paragraphs.  Stories over 2,000 words are a difficult sell, but we aren't too strict.

Essays/Blog posts:  Please send only one piece per submission with double spacing between paragraphs.  Anything over 1,500 words needs to be spectacular.  We love lists, but no one sends them.

Reviews:  We consider reviews, analysis, or commentary on books, music albums, gallery shows, movies, and more.  Send up to two reviews of up to 1,500 words each.  Keep in mind the need of a disability/neurodivergence connection.  We also accept books to review on our blog.

Visual art:  We want your photography, sculpture, knitting, woodworking, comics, etc. Send up to five JPEG images with descriptions.  Every art submission should have a statement on the artist's process, inspiration, technique, or other interesting aspect of the artist/work (just a paragraph or two will suffice).  Multiple pieces chosen will almost always be put in the same post and are subject to the $3 payment unless otherwise stated.  If the statement connects the work/artist to disability or neurodivergence, the art itself doesn't have to.

Interview Requests: Contact Val Vera (he/him).
Authors with books out should include their name, illustrator's name (if applicable), book title, publisher's name, release date, genre, number of pages, website/relevant social media, book description/blurb, author biography, and contact info. 

Anyone without a book (or those who work in a whole other creative discipline) can still request an interview. Please include your name, contact info, biography, social media links/website, and a description/statement of your work. If Val wants to interview you, he may request examples of your work or more information.

Performance videos:  We want your dancing, singing, dramatic readings, etc. Send up to two links to your videos (each under five minutes long) from YouTube or other "safe" sites.  Please make sure your videos are captioned in some way.  We don't open links we can't be sure of.  

Cover reveals and more:  Email us with details and we'll see if we can set something up.

Payment and Rights:

We pay $3 USD via PayPal only (if you don't have a PayPal account, we offer the choice to give it to a charity that has PayPal). We consider reprints, but we don't pay for them.  We pay the same for performance and visual art as long as they haven't appeared on a public website or at a venue.  Performance artists sending links from YouTube can have "private" links count as unpublished (don't just switch them to private and then send them, please).

We request first (or reprint) electronic rights and archival rights.  We also reserve the right to excerpt your work for the purpose of promoting it.

Final notes: 

1. We do not tolerate any bigotry.  This includes fatphobia.

2.  We will sometimes edit work submitted to us.  Writers may reject any changes proposed.

3. We don't pay those seeking reviews for their books or interview requests. We will pay those giving interviews or reviewing books, though!

4. Please don't pull your work after we accept it. If you want a "better" or "more prestigious" home for your creations, search for it before we send you an acceptance. We assume you want your work here if it lands in our in-box.


  1. As of June 2019, we are open to poetry and flash fiction year-round. Please read the guidelines.