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On interview requests:

If you're a disabled and/or neurodivergent writer, we may want to interview you!
If you think you'd like to be interviewed, send us a message with the following:

1.  Your name and contact information.
2.  Social media and/or blog links.
3.  A few of your better publication credits or examples of your work either online (as a link) or in email.
4.  Why you want the interview and believe yourself a good fit for our blog.

Interviewees are not paid.

A few things before you go:

1.  You must be disabled and/or neurodivergent in some way to write (or be interviewed) for us. If you don't consider yourself disabled/neurodivergent, we thank you for being an ally and wish you luck in your journey to seek other publication opportunities!

2.  You can remain anonymous. We realize some people aren't "down from the attic" yet. We don't want to harm your personal or professional relationships by disclosing your disability/neurodivergence, so please tell us immediately when submitting if you wish to use a pseudonym.

3.  We consider reprints, but we don't pay for them.

4.  We especially encourage disabled/neurodivergent writers and artists of multiple marginalizations to submit! Please?


  1. i have some do I submit?

  2. As of June 2019, we are open to poetry and flash fiction year-round. Please read the guidelines.