With a large amount of gratitude to poet and activist Pamela Hope, we present our new initiative!


HUP Peer-to-Peer is open to any disabled or neurodivergent creative over 18 years of age who can communicate in English. If you want a critique partner, collaborator, or someone to talk over projects
with... this is for you. The initiative is open year-round and caters to all kinds of creative folks, not just writers.


Answer the questions below in an email and send one or two samples of work in the body of the email or as safe links/attachments. (I won't open anything I don't recognize, so keep it to YouTube, Instagram,
JPEGs, etc.) Please put "Peer-to-Peer" in the subject line.

Your work and answers will be posted on The Disabled and Neurodivergent Creatives List as an entry (labelled PtoP). Other people can read your entry and decide if they want to be matched to you. If they do, they'll email me (sending their own answers and project samples). I'll email you their request. If you like what you see, let me know. Once you are matched with a peer, I'll remove your entry.

The reason I'm playing intermediary is so that email addresses aren't publicly posted.

If you aren't sure what to send as a work sample, please create one on the theme "holiday".

Send your answers to




Type of creative work to be partnered in (and describe some themes in your projects):

What are you looking for in a peer?

What can you provide a peer?

Are there any themes, topics, or subjects off-limits (example: Child abuse)?

Deal-breakers for peer matches (example: Excessive swearing):

Is there anything a peer should know about you or your work before they agree to the match?

Questions about HUP Peer-to-peer? Email us, comment below, or find us on Twitter @HandUnPen.

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