Friday, January 13, 2023

Two Poems by Jyothsnaphanija


coldness and glitter
Filled solution reaching the throat
Listening when nobody speaks,
We find pleasure in cutting paper into fine uneven
Shapes of
Big and small
cucumber sticks
Fire in us
wilting sleep
frozen speaking, hating clean love.
Even in the depth of a game, we were obvious to trace ourselves.
In our possession,
thesaurus of cracked glitter
handfuls of blur.
We check time in a hurry and leave.
Dizziness as shadow
Chewing us.
Plain song of snow

Whenever I go to a new city
I listen to a bird.
Then I try to figure the notes,
keys and scales.
Fresh and unstable geographies.
I count till the date of departure
I often get calculation of lines in a sonnet wrong though.

Jyothsnaphanija teaches English Literature at ARSD College (University of Delhi), India. Her first poetry collection Ceramic Evening was out in 2016. Her poems most recently have appeared and are forthcoming in Quail Bell Magazine, Plato’s Caves, Wishbone Words, The Hopper, Bosphorus Review of Books and others. She blogs at