Friday, September 9, 2016

Disabled/Neurodivergent Literary Links (Part 2)

Please see the Links of Interest tab for a full list of disabled/neurodivergent literary links.

Last week, I blogged about publications related to, or seeking work from, disabled and/or neurodivergent writers.  Most publications in that post have been around a while.  And, while each is important and amazing, it can seem like the Disability Literary Community (sometimes referred to as DisLit or CripLit Community) isn't progressing.

Well, new things are happening!  Want proof?  Here are more resources new (the last year or two at most) to the disability literature scene.

1.  Monstering Magazine is a literary magazine for disabled/neurodivergent writers who identify as female or nonbinary.  They are also actively seeking multi-marginalized disabled women/nonbinary people to join their staff.

2.  Tiny Tim Literary Review will have their first quarterly issue out by year's end.
From their Submittable:  The goal is to normalize chronically ill/disability narratives in addition to humanizing medical professionals through their stories. We'll be taking in fiction, poetry, and nonfiction work primarily.

3.  The Deaf Poets Society is an online literary and art journal for disabled and neurodivergent writers.  The website has audio guidelines and text descriptions for all images.  It has gotten some serious press coverage.
In 2015, the AWP Conference & Bookfair came under fire for their less-than-stellar accommodations for disabled writers.  As a response, a group decided to form the AWP Disability Caucus to "allow for disabled individuals to network and discuss common challenges related to identity, writing, and teaching while professionally leading a literary life".  Because of the caucus and other individuals, the Association of Writers & Writing Programs is improving their accessibility.

The Disability Literature Consortium also began in response to how things were (and also, still can be) at the AWP Conference.  The site has DisLit news and resources for disabled/neurodivergent writers (some I don't have on here).
Poets and Writers with Disabilities is a Facebook group for disabled/neurodivergent poets and writers.  It is currently able to be explored by people who aren't members of the group so nonmembers can get a feel for who everyone is and how it works.  While being able to check it out without membership is beneficial, certain people may not feel comfortable discussing their disabilities and health in a space so open...

On Twitter, #CripLit is an excellent hashtag for all things disability literature/writing.  There is also a monthly #CripLit Chat.
Well, that concludes part two!  Did I miss anything (old or new) that's amazing and not-to-be-missed?  Let me know!

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