Friday, December 16, 2016

Hiatus and Helpful Links

This blog will be on hiatus from today (December 16th) until Friday, January 6th.  I'm a spoonie and, with the holidays, I'm finding it severely difficult to keep all cylinders firing.  (I will still be on Twitter.)  I love this blog, but it's mostly a solo operation.

Before break begins, I want to leave you with a resource page from my personal blog.  It lists helpful writing newsletters, free classes, free (legit) ebook sites, and more.  I hope you find something of value.  CLICK HERE.

Also:  The Perch Magazine (an online journal about mental health) will be added to the "Links of Interest" page.

Lastly:  Thank all of you for reading/listening.  I hope this blog continues to have value for you all.

Have bright holidays, my lovelies.

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