Friday, March 24, 2017

Submit DisLit Facebook Event (April 8th and 9th)

Submit #DisLit is an event where disabled and neurodivergent writers take time to get their work into the inboxes of literary magazines, presses, etc.  Participants can share information on publications to submit to and cheer each other on.  It is a public event.

"Participation is simple: submit the work of your choice to the outlets of your choice during this weekend, and disclose (in whatever way feels most comfortable / authentic for you) your disability / illness in your cover letter. Submit as many or as few pieces as you choose, and to as many or as few outlets as you'd like."

It takes place on April 8th and 9th and was started by Cade Leebron.

There are many ways to find potential places to submit your work.  I hope you are getting work into the world, with or without participating in this event.

Miscellaneous notes not about Submit DisLit:

1.  We Need Diverse Books Internship Grant is open for this year.  Applicants must have a paid internship with one of the partners listed on the page, though can apply for the grant while applying for those specific internships.  Any literary agent internship must have a focus in children's books, as that's the organisation's arena.  There are five grants available for $2,500 each.
The website lists other funding opportunities, but not the dates.  So, check it on occasion.

2.  The Submerging Writer Fellowship offers one writer $500 to go towards AWP 18 conference expenses, a limited chapbook run, a launch party at the conference, and more.  This is open to most writers, not just minority writers (though you must have a statement on why you're a submerging writer).  The deadline is August 31st.
I realize The AWP Conference (and organisation) is problematic for disabled and neurodivergent writers.  Some go, regardless.  I'm just listing a chance for those who may want to try for it.

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