Friday, December 1, 2017

December Submit Lists, and #BoycottToSiri

My dear lovelies, I'm not starting up this space full-time yet.  December is going to be busy and I'm still slowly finding my strength (and thoughts) after radiation therapy.  I did, however, want to leave you with a few things.
First, all the new Calls for Submissions lists are out today!  Everyone is so preoccupied with holidays in December that there's generally less competition for some markets.  It's a great time to send some breathtaking work.

1.  The Review Review Classifieds

2.  36 Calls for Submissions in December 2017 - Paying markets Some are due as early as the first.  None should have fees.

3.  62 Writing Contests in December 2017 - No entry fees

4.  Comps and calls for December 2017 I don't think any of these have fees.  The writer who runs the site is in the UK, so a fair number of markets are focused there.

5.  Where to Submit: December 2017 + January 2018

6.  The Practicing Writer Newsletter for December This is a fantastic newsletter with markets, resources, etc.
A hashtag going around neurodivergent/disabled reader Twitter is #BoycottToSiri.  If you haven't come across it yet, I recommend you check it out.  It was created in response to an "Autism Mommy" writing a memoir about her teenage son without his consent or input.  There is ableism and eugenics.  It's fucking trash, my darlings, so remember self-care.  Neurotypical disabled folks should be especially aware of this book and its consequences; we need to support our autistic people.
When this blog begins again, I will need guest posts and book reviews.  I will still be paying $3 via Paypal.  Interview requests are awesome, but interviewees aren't paid.

I might attempt reviews of smaller works like individual short stories or issues of literary magazines.  I'd love to start doing more cover reveals and new release coverage/promotion.  

Have any feedback or ideas for me?  Get in touch! @HandUnPen on Twitter for email.

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