Friday, March 23, 2018

My Hopes for H.U.P.

Everyone who knew this little blog was coming into the world almost two years ago probably thought, "meh".  No one they knew was behind it.  We don't pay writers $100 per guest post (I wish we could).  There are many amazing blogs out there, already.

This blog (I hope) is a starting point.  It is a hub for all the programs I fancifully dream of launching for our community.  I don't have financial resources, but I have faith that everyone will band together and think, "Hell yeah, let's do it".  And then... it happens.

Note:  Just because I list it, doesn't mean it will occur.  I just want you to know what I hope for.  Tell me what you think!

My dreams for The Handy, Uncapped Pen:

1.  More guest post submissions and reviews for the blog.  Maybe we'll open up the blog to disabled/neurodivergent artists of all kinds (painters, dancers, singers, knitters, etc.)  A couple dedicated writers to join the team full-time would be nice.

2.  Have a successful mentor program (2018).  If the mentor program works out this year, I want to expand it next year and include a branch for teenage mentees.

3.  Start a YouTube Channel (2019). The channel would have a reading series, craft talks, and whatever else.  Every video would have complete captions, no exceptions.  I'm unsure how many people would participate, but it's something I think would be beneficial.

4.  Start a writing contest (2020?).  Realistically, I'm talking a (very) small cash prize with publication on the blog for the best individual poem, essay, and short story.  Fancifully, we partner with a press for longer works and this gets incredible.

5.  The blog starts publishing poetry and flash fiction by disabled/neurodivergent writers.  I don't want to create a literary magazine, but it would be nice to showcase some of the talent in our community.

6.  A free, online writers' conference with forums, chatrooms, craft talks, and more.  This will probably never happen, but this is the goal I want the most.

7.  I'd love to start a press.  Unfortunately, it costs way too much and takes too much time to do alone.  Still, I dream of (at least) a chapbook press. (Maybe if I win the lottery.)

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