Saturday, May 19, 2018

Mentors May Choose Two Applicants

This is part of an email I wrote to my mentors yesterday. It should clarify the position of a writer mentoring more than one person. Note: Mentors don't have to take on more than one mentee.
I always thought all of my mentors would just pick one mentee. But, if some of you truly want a second mentee, you should be able to.

A few points if you'd like more than one mentee:

1.  Only pick two people at most. One will be your "definite" and one
will be your "maybe".

2.  If, after all mentors select their "definite" applicants your
"maybe" is without a mentor, you can approach your "maybe" and offer
to mentor them.

3.  Make sure you have the stamina to take on two people for the
duration! I want everyone comfortable and working at their best.

4.  Please let your "definite" applicant know you want to take on a
second applicant before you do so. Your "definite" can't tell you what
to do. It's a courtesy.

If you happen to be excited about a potential mentee's application and
are certain you want them as your "definite", you don't have to wait
until the end of the submission window. I'll just let the other mentor
know the applicant has found a partner.

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