Friday, January 29, 2021

Life Studies by SuZi (Visual Art)

Artist's statement about the work:  The drawings are life studies, in that they are drawn from living beings—it’s a bit tricky, as drawing requires staring and staring. The media used was marker on random paper—cardboard, inserts from clothing, etcetera. Some of the drawings ended up as mail art—sent directly through the mail. I have no idea where the originals of any of these drawings happen to be now; all I have of them are these images.


Images one and two: Two gray and white cranes are featured. The first drawing has two spots of green foliage in the (mostly white) background with the crane on the left having its head down to check the ground made of loose, dark green strokes. In the second image, the foliage is bluish green with brown accents with the foreground and background having much more color. The second drawing also has the bird on the right checking the ground with the other in mid-step instead of standing still and upright.


Image three:  
A closeup of legs in a sitting position as though the artist were looking down at her feet from an angle with the left leg partially obscuring the right foot. The legs are highly shaded with white, yellow, brown, and black. On the feet, the subject wears sneakers that are a blend of purple and yellow with a smidgen of teal. The laces are aqua with the heels and toes being predominantly white except for a purple star on the heel and slight yellow shading on the toes. The top left of the painting says "mocasins" in pink capital letters.

Image four:  A fluffy cat profile drawn in gray outline with a body of white, yellow, orange, and red takes up most of the image. Its tail curls up. Its face looks content. It looks like it might be lying down. There is light coming from the cat's head. The background looks to be a green and blue path which curves around to the back of the cat. Beyond, there is an orange circle off the pathway. In front of the cat are the words "sacred heart" in orange capital letters. Across the top of the piece it says, "Angel cat, angel kitty, angel kat, angel gato" in all caps in yellow, purple, and orange.

Image five:  On a white background is a large turtle in black outline with yellow, red, and teal shading on its white body. The turtle is drawn in profile with her head on the left and neck extended upward. She appears to be walking as her back right foot is raised. The spots of ground beneath her feet has hints of blue. In the bottom left corner of the drawing, "Bella" is written in yellow and underlined in blue.
Su Zi is a poet/writer and artist/printmaker and edits, designs and constructs the eco-feminist poetry chapbook series Red Mare
Publications include poetry, essays, stories and reviews that date back to pre-cyber publishing, including when Exquisite Corpse was a vertical print publication, and a few editions of New American Writing. More recent publications include Red FezAlien Buddha and Thrice. A resident of the Ocala National Forest, with a dedicated commitment to providing a safe feeding respite for wild birds, and for a haphazard gardening practice that serves as a life model for all aspects of her work.


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