Friday, February 9, 2018

Mentor Program FAQ

This will be expanded as needed.
Contact us on Twitter @HandUnPen or via email if you have more questions.

Do I quality as disabled or neurodivergent enough?

Do you have a good reason that you claim the disabled and/or neurodivergent labels for yourself?  If so, you probably qualify.

Can I apply as a mentor in one genre and a mentee in another?

If you fit requirements for both, you can apply to be both. Your status as either will be looked at individually.

How much money does the program cost?

The program is free.  Mentors are volunteers who wish to help other disabled and/or neurodivergent people succeed in their literary goals.

What happens if a mentor or mentee becomes ill or injured and can't participate?

Since mentors and mentees work one-on-one, it will be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to find someone to fill-in.

Mentees who find themselves without a mentor after being matched will be allowed to pitch directly to mentors the following year.  Mentors will also go into the program the next year, provided they still want to participate.

If a mentee drops out within two weeks after the program starts, a mentor has the option to pick any mentee who pitched to other mentors but wasn't chosen.  They do not have to.

 If you were chosen for the program but can't fulfill your role, please let us know as soon as you can.

What if I apply and don't get picked?  

Please submit next year!  We hope to do this every year, but we need people applying to keep it going.

I'm 16.  Can I apply? 

We have a mentor for teen poets this year (me).  I might also consider mentoring someone in flash fiction.  "Teens" are defined as people ages thirteen to seventeen.

I'm not American.  Can I apply?

Yes!  Anyone writing in English can apply.

Are the people picking mentors and the like going to be mentors themselves?

Yes (this changed in 2020).

So... "multiply marginalized" writers are "especially encouraged" to apply.  I'm a straight, white male.  Why aren't you welcoming me?

We want our mentor program to reflect our community.  It means my straight, white dudes are welcome.  It means my Asian enby folx are welcome.  It means anyone who works on their craft and is disabled and/or neurodivergent is welcome.

Unless you're a pompous jerk, that is.  Why is saying other people are "especially encouraged" to apply mean you aren't "encouraged"?  Think on that a bit and get back to me.

What if my mentor/mentee is threatening or abusive?

We will investigate any allegations we receive.  Abuse, bigotry, and harassment are not allowed here!

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