Friday, February 2, 2018

Ways to Support Writers (Without Spending Money)

1.  Review their books.

2.  Recommend their work to people you know.

3.  Send them a message of support or gratitude.

4.  Ask your library to get their books if it doesn't have them.  (Check out their books, too.)

5.  Get on social media and talk about your favorite works.  (Link to poetry and short stories if they're online.)

6.  Ask for books as holiday and birthday gifts.

7.  Attend free readings or open mics near you.

8.  Follow writers on social media.

9.  Nominate a work for an award, if able.

10.  Take photos of your library haul or books you own and share them online.

11.  Offer to interview lesser-known writers on your blog.

12.  Get together with friends and swap books.

13.  Recommend books to a book club.

14.  Tweet something witty, humorous, or useful the author has said.

15.  If you know a writer personally, be attentive when they talk about their projects or writing difficulties.

16.  If any writers follow you on social media, post any good writing opportunities you find.

I realize there are probably a lot of lists like this online.  But, I also realize a lot of disabled and/or neurodivergent people don't have money to donate to authors (or to buy books).  It's worth remembering that other acts have value.

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