Friday, June 22, 2018

What We Want in Submissions

Off with the blogger's hat and on with the editor's!  Today, we're giving you details about the kinds of things we love (and hate) in submissions.

Maybe send us something after you read this (and our guidelines).

What we love:
  1. Lists!  Do you have a list of favorite disabled protagonists?  Do you use apps that help you as a visually-impaired poet?
  2. Book reviews. (Books must be written by a disabled/neurodivergent person or have disabled/neurodivergent characters.)
  3. Interviews with disabled/neurodivergent writers, editors, artists, dancers, film makers, etc.  Interview subjects don't receive payment, but interviewers do.
  4. Tips for different aspects of writing/submitting/publishing/marketing as a disabled/neurodivergent person.  Do you have strategies for people with anxiety at a conference?  Is there a marketing plan for spoonies?
  5. Destruction of tropes and clichès.
  6. Alternative paths for success,
  7. News and happenings in disabled/neurodivergent literary culture, film, music, or art scenes.  Is there a new literary magazine for cripples? A book fair exclusively for autistic people?  A new album by a blind singer?
  8. Posts by multiply-marginalized writers.
  9. Anything that falls under the intersection of disability/neurodivergence and books, writing, promotion, art, etc.
Things we won't accept:  
  1. Bigotry.  Yes, that includes fatphobia.  
  2. Book reviews of your own books/friends' books.
  3. Posts about disability that have nothing to do with literature/writing or other arts.  (There are markets out there for those essays, but we aren't one of them.)
  4. Using your own website as a resource in your post without us clearing it.  (Having it in your biography is fine.)
  5. Posts by nondisabled and neurotypical people.
  6. References to heavy trauma without appropriate trigger warnings.
  7. Excessive ableist language (that the author has no claim to).

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