Friday, October 26, 2018

7 Tips for Writers Facing a Hospital or Rehab Stay

 If you have advanced notice:

1.  Decide what's important.  Can your blog be put on hold?  Are there certain deadlines you can't miss?

2.  Do what you need to before going.  Don't just assume you'll feel well enough to complete brain-intensive work.

3.  Back up your files.  You know, just in case.

4.  Prepare your "away" messages for cellphone and email. You can also schedule social media posts ahead of time.

5.  Pack your preferred writing method.  No one wants to have a great idea with nowhere to put it.

6.  Bring a book and (perhaps) a device with Internet access.  Maybe for work, maybe for pleasure.  Always keep your options open, but don't overdo anything.

7.  Remember, your well-being is paramount.  Writing can be put on hold as long as it takes to get back to your normal.  If you suffer, so can your work.

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