Thursday, November 1, 2018

Our Next Possible Project and Other Considerations

As I ready myself for surgery, I think a lot about this space.  Will I have enough content to keep it going?  Does it even matter if I put this space on hold for three months?  What's next?

I need submissions to keep the blog going in my absence.  Please submit.  Interview a fellow writing cripple.  Send your art and describe your process.  Write a book review.  Tell us what ableist trends you see in publishing.  Wax poetic about your favorite neurodivergent journalists.  The cut-off date for submissions will have to be November 15th.

I often toy with opening the blog to flash fiction and poetry.  I'm hesitant because I don't want this to become a literary magazine, though I think an occasional piece would be a lovely change.  What does everyone think?
2019 will mark the launch of our Youtube channel, some type of online writers' retreat, or classes on demand (feedback and thoughts are needed).  There will be no cost (ever) to utilize or participate in anything connected to H.U.P.  Because I live on SSI, I know how difficult it is to afford events and education to further one's craft.  Because I live on SSI, I can't afford elaborate websites or to pay instructors and contributors what they're worth.  I also can't apply for grants or do crowdfunding.

I spend a decent chunk of time trying to find ways around the "money issue" for everything I want to give this community.  I rely on volunteers and those who don't mind giving their labor away for a three-dollar pittance.  All I can say to everyone who helps with this space is:  Thank you.  Thank you for every word you've written for me, for each ounce of energy you've spent towards the vision I have for us all.
Around a month after I come back, we will be taking mentor applications for our program!  If you are (or know) a disabled/neurodivergent writer who would fit as a mentor, keep early February in mind.  There will be at least one mentor needed for promising teens.

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