Friday, January 11, 2019

Market Updates

Inclusive Mainstream Publications Page


Vinyl (Poetry & Prose)
Tiny Flames Press
Brine Literary
Dancing Girl Press


The Journal (Click here for the reason we removed it.)
Tin House (Defunct) *Just the literary magazine is gone.*
Black Napkin Press (Defunct)
Devilfish Review (Defunct)
VOICES (Defunct)

Other Changes:  

Beecher's Magazine is now called Landlocked.
Paper Nautilus is on indefinite hiatus.
District Lit has a new link to their guidelines.
Magazines, Websites, Etc. (for Us) Page

Added hashtags:  

We're starting to add entries for other arts.


Writing in the Margins Mentor Program (defunct)
Alt-Minds (charges reading fees)

Other Changes:

Exceptions has an updated link and is on hiatus.
Hospital Drive has a new website.
Tiny Tim Literary Review has an updated link and is on hiatus.

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