Friday, January 4, 2019

Resolutions? No.

If the one thing you can work towards for 2019 is staying alive, it's enough.  I know you want to accomplish great things.  It can feel like everyone is getting their wishes granted while you wait—like the entire world is moving while you remain frozen. 

But, you accomplish things every year.  You just might not consider what you do as memorable or worthwhile because it isn't what you hope for. It could be a smaller act you dismiss on the basis of size.  It could mean something more for someone else than it does for you.  Good things still happen because of you—because you exist and try.
As writers and artists, not being able to steer our careers with any consistency can rankle.  We feel like our art is doomed and anything we attempt is futile.  Taking a break to focus on our health is often seen as failure or an inability to be "true artists".  

We forget:  Everyone's path is different.  

Nondisabled/neurotypical painters can have a decade-long gap between gallery shows.  Some "healthy" writers never publish the novel they want.  Singers can be one-hit wonders.

There are so many factors in success and failure that no one can entirely predict.  Those three short stories a writer can manage to write a year could land them a book deal.  A YouTube channel can catch the eye of a talent scout.  No one knows when luck will strike.  
Do what you can as you can manage it.  You can't plan out your year, but that doesn't mean the pace you're working at won't eventually lead you to where you were meant to be.  And that's all you need, lovelies.  Happy 2019.

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