Wednesday, May 31, 2023

My Dad’s Eyes by Casey Williams

I hate looking into your eyes because it pains me to see what’s there.

It was happiness, joy, and pride at my accomplishments, but I see that that’s gone.

Instead, I see disappointment, judgment, and resentment, though you claim the contrary.

Those eyes that used to brighten in my presence have dimmed.

Those eyes that had warmth towards me glazed over in coldness.

Those eyes that once delighted in me see me as hopeless.

Those eyes that used to make me feel loved now dismiss me.

Those eyes belittle me every time I say or do anything strange.

Those eyes put me in a box.

Those eyes reflect a brain that thinks that I can’t possibly do anything good.

Those eyes hurt me, but you think I’m too dumb to see.

Those eyes dislike everything that makes me me.

Those put me in a box and want to lock me inside.

But those eyes aren’t the only ones I live under.

Because I have eyes on me that will see me grow.
First-person biography: I am 30-year-old aspiring writer from Georgia. I have ADHD, anxiety disorder, and depression. I am underemployed. I live with my family. I have friends. I’m in a relationship. I’m a Christian. I am not giving up on my life.

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