Friday, July 6, 2018

"Adjacent Arts Spotlight" Coming in September

We thought about starting a whole new blog to showcase different arts (and artists) beyond the scope of writing.  We didn't want to dilute our focus, but we have so many different artists working in so many different mediums that we know we need something.  The "Adjacent Arts Spotlight" aims to provide disabled/neurodivergent artists with a space to present their work to our community and a wider audience.

If we get a huge response to AAS, we might still start that companion blog.  If not, we feel this is a great way to include other artists without compromising our mission.

When will the "Adjacent Arts Spotlight" start?

AAS will debut in the first half of September.  We hope to present the work of two artists a month.  The posts will always fall on Wednesdays.  If we don't have enough submissions, there won't be posts.

What are the restrictions?
  1. No media without captions.
  2. No pornographic images or excessive gore.  Swearing is fine.  
  3. If your work depicts something that needs a trigger warning, use it!
  4. Don't send a million photographs.
  5. No strange links.  We won't open them.
  6. No creative writing as the centerpiece for AAS posts.
Guidelines are coming soon!  (We will also be revamping our "Guidelines" page entirely.)

Will artists be paid?

Yes, the regular fee of $3 via Paypal.

Are there any mediums you don't want submissions of?

We don't want adult coloring book pages unless you draw them or do something truly unique.  Food arts should be confined to the decorative side.  Otherwise, we're pretty open!  Card-making, knitting, singing, dancing, woodworking... send them all!

Do people sending their other art stuff have to be writers?

Being a writer isn't a prerequisite to submit for the "Adjacent Arts Spotlight", though posts must be more than just photos or videos with zero context.  A ceramist hoping to be featured doesn't have to be a novelist, no.

So, you'll accept every submission?

Nope, only the ones we like.

When can people begin submitting their arts?

As soon as our guidelines go up for AAS, which should be soon.

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