Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Guidelines for Guest Posts

Note:  The following guidelines are not for the Adjacent Arts Spotlight or for book reviews as these categories have their own instructions.

What we're looking for:

Simply, we want posts that meet at the intersection of books/writing/marketing/the arts and disability/neurodivergence.  A post about finding the right diagnosis isn't a good fit for us.  A post on the books that got you through receiving your diagnosis might be.
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We will consider the occasional guest post on other arts.  See an inclusive play?  Tell us about it!  Want to critique mental illness portrayals in a crime series?  Email us!

  • You must be disabled and/or neurodivergent to write for us.  This goes for everything on this site.  If you don't consider yourself either of these things, please don't submit.
  • Blog posts shouldn't exceed 2,000 words.  (There are exceptions, though few.)
  • Posts should be sent in the body of the email with double-spacing between paragraphs.  If a post needs an odd format, email us first to explain the issue before sending an attachment.  Unknown attachments will be deleted.
  • Subject line of your email should read:  Guest Post [Your Name] and should be sent to handyuncappedpen[at]gmail[dot]com
  • Include your contact info along with a third-person biography.  
Anyone wanting to conduct interviews:

Please contact us first with the name of who you want to interview, why you want to interview them, and some sample questions you'd like to ask.  Unlike book reviews, people can query us about interviewing their friends... if the friends are a good fit for the blog.

We will need the biographies of both the interviewer and the subject for any interviews we publish.  We also need a photo representing the interviewee.


We pay $3 via Paypal only.  We won't send paper checks, sorry.
Interview subjects are not paid, though those conducting interviews will be.


We take one-time rights and request archival rights since posts stay on the blog.
We do not take rights not absolutely required to do what we do.  Your copyright stays yours.


Contact us via email handyuncappedpen[at]gmail[dot]com or on Twitter @HandUnPen

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