Friday, July 13, 2018

Announcing the Mentees for 2018!

One slight mention before we begin:  Every student the mentors picked will be listed here.  We decided it would be easier for everyone if the mentors didn't have to approach their other students after speaking to their "definite" students.  So, here's the list!

Our Student/Mentor Matches:

1.  Jamie Hale - Carey Link

2.  Julie Schober - Sarah Krenicki

3.  Hannah Wolfram and Kayla Bashe - Ann Stewart McBee

4.  Carrie Ann Golden - Drew S. Cook

5.  Jeff Johnson and Shannon O. Sawyer - S. Baer Lederman

6.  Alex Sharp and Aubry Osborn - Cinthia Ritchie

Congratulations, everyone!

Mentors are asked to contact their students with a "hello" email by the 25th.  My hope is that things like methods of correspondence can be hammered out prior to the beginning of the term (August 1st).

Mentees who have questions or concerns can contact us on Twitter @HandUnPen or via email handyuncappedpen[at]

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